OH MY! This movie is cray. I don’t even know where to begin. Now I’m not sure if my desire to watch this film 7 years after it was popular was due to the pandemic and thinking that maybe watching Joaquin Phoenix fall in love with a computer would make me feel better about my quarantine life, but nonetheless I chose to watch this movie, and oh do I have thoughts.

Her (film) - Wikipedia

Thoughts in order of appearance:

1) I would benefit ASTRONOMICALLY if there was a company that wrote/returned letters for me. I am horrible at writing thank you cards, birthday cards, all cards really, and if I could pay someone to not only remember to write cards for me, but also write them well and not in the car 5 minutes before the party, I would come off as such a better person.

2) I can’t remember the last time I saw Joaquin Phoenix in a role where he was this awkward. I can’t decide if I prefer him as the Joker or Johnny Cash. Either way, this role makes me uncomfortable.

3) I am somehow enjoying Scarlett Johannson as a computer. Her voice is oddly soothing. But I’m low key also picturing Black Widow saying all her lines and it’s much cooler.

4) NOPE NOPE NOPE. It’s one thing to have weird computer/human phone sex, but you start bringing in human props….IM OUT. My level of discomfort is immeasurable.

5) Ugh. Joaquin. You live in an era where people are wearing computers in their ears and no one is writing letters anymore, OF COURSE she’s “seeing other people”. Naturally, a computer can’t actually “see” anybody, but still, I can’t believe you’re being this jealous of a computer. Also, you fell in love with her?? I just. I mean. I can’t.

6) Ok, movie’s over. I feel weird. I feel sad. I feel uncomfortable. But I also feel like this could be America in 20 years. Yikes. I hope Zuckerberg doesn’t watch this.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns

This is definitely a conversation piece FURSURE. Whether you actually WANT this conversation to happen, however, is an entirely different matter. I will say, though, that Joaquin had quite a compelling performance, but the concept was almost too on-the-nose for what might happen in the future. Overall, it just made me wildly uncomfortable, almost at the same level of when I watched “The Thomas Crown Affair” with my dad. I recommend this movie to anyone who also liked “Lars and the Real Girl”, and if you don’t know what that is, then just pass on both these movies altogether.

Truthfully Yours,


Mulan (Live Action 2020)

YOU BEST BELIEVE I PAID TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. As an Asian-American girl who cut her hair in the 3rd grade so I could look just like “Fa Mulan”, I have been anxious and giddy about this movie coming out. Not only was I excited for the main character to actually be Chinese (unlike so many films where the “Chinese” main character is actually mixed), but I was also excited that the storyline would reflect more of the legend of Mulan rather than the Disney animated film. Also, who doesn’t love a little martial arts combined with magic?

Now, per usual, I had a few issues with this film because I am judgmental and hard to please. However, overall I will say that this movie was great and I sincerely appreciated the moral lessons of courage, strength, and truth! Plus, who isn’t a sucker for a Father-Daughter-Duty-Honor-Love plot line?!

Yifei Liu in Mulan (2020)

Minor Issues I had with this film:

  1. Everyone had a different accent. Now I get that China is a big country. I’ve seen a map. However, Hollywood, you couldn’t just make it easy on the ears and just tell all the actors to sound the same? Y’all know actors have to master linguistic courses, so everyone should be able to match accents. Or at least have similar accents within one family! Mulan and her father spoke so differently it was like she was from Boston and he was from Alabama. I’m not convinced you live together.
  2. I’m just not sure if we needed THAT much screen time of the bad guy, Bori Khan. In Disney films, if the bad guy is clearly bad – aka he wears all black, has scars on his face, rides a black horse, and is mean to everyone, you don’t really need to go out of your way to give him a back story. WE GET IT. I wanted more time with the cool witch lady.
  3. Near the end of the film, after Mulan confesses to being a woman, the General welcomed her back WAYYYYY too quickly! He banishes her from his troop, she comes back with news that the emperor is in danger, and then he PUTS HER IN CHARGE?!? I’m not buyin’ it. He threatened to EXECUTE her if she came back. EXECUTE. Like KILL HER. But she comes back with some hot goss and now she’s THE LEADER? Plot hole, Hollywood. No me gusta.

Reasons I loved this film:

  1. Mulan is LEGIT. I love how they added the Qi aspect to her – not only is that incredibly culturally sound, but it also adds that magical aspect that I love about both Disney and legends in general. Thought this touch was brilliant.
  2. I am a major fan of the female empowerment in this film! Not only is it cool to be a female warrior in this film, but they’re better than all the other warriors, which is basically exactly how I predict I would be in a combat situation as well. Though no one test my theory, please.
  3. The sort of love story happening between Mulan and her soldier friend was cute, but I am so grateful that they didn’t kiss at the end! What a great, realistic, and non-cringey way to end the film. The awkward handshake was just perfect enough to leave you wanting more and yet also so happy that nothing more actually happened. Bless.
  4. The soundtrack is BRILLIANT. Using the themes of all the original Disney Mulan songs in an instrumental version is literally genius.
  5. Jet Li is the emperor. Well done.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

In conclusion, this was a super solid live action remastering of the original Mulan movie. As distracting as the myriad of accents were from the cast, the storyline, moral lessons, and straight up female bad-ass-ness was superb. Highly recommend even if you haven’t seen the original Disney film, though that also makes you a Philistine, so be better.

Truthfully Yours,


Work It

DON’T JUDGE ME. I watched the preview and realized 4 things:

  • This seems like a bad version of “Step Up”
  • This seems like a dance version of “Camp Rock”
  • This seems like the cast of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”
  • This seems like the teenage level of romance of “High School Musical”

I’m hooked.

Now I do have a few things I need to get off my chest with this movie. So I’m providing you with a Pro/Con list. I will start with the Cons because I want to end on a high note. Not necessarily because this movie has more Pros than Cons, but quite simply because it’s 2020 and we need to end things on a positive note these days. AMIRITE.

Cons of “Work It” the Netflix original film:

  1. I literally CANNOT handle the teen/parent relationships that these movies insist on having. I just hate it. The parents are either way too chill, way too oblivious, or way too strict without any explanation which then paints parents as being “unfair” or “crazy”. Teenagers should have strict parents!! However, parents need to explain to their kids WHY they’re being strict otherwise the movie just paints them as a villain. Why do parents always have to be the villain?? Why can’t the sassy, rude, flunking-out-of-school teenager be the villain for once?! I am just so annoyed that the parents in these movies are always so embarrassing to watch because they either have no backbone or no reasoning and it’s just disappointing.
  2. The “Juilliard” character was too much. I get that he’s a diva but can he be a less aggressive diva? I needed him to be more diva-lite. I honestly fast-forwarded his scenes.
  3. There were some MAJOR inconsistencies with the so-called “knee injury” that Jake Taylor, the main male character, had. Um if your injury was so bad that you had to stop dancing and instead teach toddler dance classes, why is it that you can still perform at at the “Work It” finale? I AM CONFUSION.
  4. No way are Duke admission interviews even close to what happened in this movie. Bet you 5 million dollars that Duke is going to get an incredibly sad batch of kids applying this year after they watch this movie. False hope is never a good idea, NETFLIX!
  5. The final dance was honestly very confusing. I did not understand the concept. ALSO how is it that Quinn, the main girl character, became the star dancer? Did we forget that she was THE WORST like 10 minutes before that scene? I don’t understand how the final dance ended up featuring her. SOMEONE EXPLAIN.

Pros of “Work It”:

  1. This movie basically has everything you need to feel good about wasting 2 hours of your life. It’s got a great soundtrack, 4-5 very entertaining dances, a funny best friend, and a main character that really glows up by the end. Is that not the whole package or a Netflix teen movie?
  2. I genuinely enjoy watching bad dancing, so the first 45 minutes of this movie were highly entertaining for me. Also, it made me want to go to a wedding. Not sure how those correlate….
  3. The retirement home scenes were the best. Old people are awesome which reminds me STAY INSIDE, WEAR A MASK, COVID IS REAL, STOP KILLING THE ELDERLY.
  4. I loved all of Jake Taylor’s tattoos. Yummy.

Overall, this movie is exactly what the preview paints it out to be. It’s got stupid teen love, over the top high school dances, witty characters who are clearly older than they are supposed to be in the movie, and slammin’ tunes! I highly recommend for everyone to watch this on a Friday at 7pm with popcorn, sour patch kids, a glass of wine, and your PJs. Oh and please be alone. DO NOT watch with friends. Way too embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for you for even asking.

Popcorn rating: 3 popped corns

Truthfully Yours


Love Wedding Repeat

I legit can’t remember the last time I watched a romantic comedy and hated it this much. And that’s saying something because my bar for what is considered a truly horrible movie has to stoop below Camp Rock 2.

Love Wedding Repeat (2020) - IMDb

Basically this movie is a more frustrating and less funny wedding-version of ‘Groundhog Day’. However, instead of doing that fun montage of Bill Murray waking up day after day, stealing money, taking a piano lesson, and eventually getting laid, this movie basically makes you re-live the absolute WORST parts of a wedding 4 times until the final outcome (which is excruciatingly painful) results in {Spoiler Alert} one kiss. THAT’S IT! No proposal, no spontaneous wedding, not even an “I love you” – you sit through 2 hours of mediocre British comedy and you leave with one. stupid. kiss.

Luckily Olivia Munn is gorgeous and her character is remotely tolerable because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to come up with one positive aspect of this movie.

Popcorn Rating: 1 popped corn – for Olivia

Watch if you enjoy disappointment and wasting your time.




Do you remember the first time someone showed you a GoPro video and you were like “Whoa, that’s so awesome, it’s like I’m floating above you and seeing what you’re seeing but not experiencing it which is cool but also I’m getting seasick so please edit this to 30 seconds.” That was this movie.

Now those of you in the “cinema world” are probably thinking ‘Hey, this movie is a work of art and you need to pipe down.’ I HEAR YOU, but also, I dare you to watch this while having popcorn, drinking a cherry-cola icee, and stress-eating sour patch kids….cause you WILL feel sick. Which was my personal experience.

1917 (2019 film) - Wikipedia

Here are 3 things about this film that were great followed by 3 things that were NOT great. It’s a short list because I actually liked this film a lot, but I will also never watch it again because I felt like I was on a bad blimp ride.

3 Great Things:

  1. The storyline was amazing and the acting was truly incredible.

2. I literally cannot believe this was all filmed in “one shot” – I don’t actually believe it. But who am I to call Sam Mendes a liar.

3. I loved that this film did not shy away from showing the weaknesses/power struggles of the British side in WWI, while still making it very clear that Germany is the bad guy. YOU GO GLEN COCO.

3 Not Great Things:

1. Why was the “one shot” cinematic feat necessary?! Honestly this goes back to how I feel about “The Artist” being a movie (and also winning an Oscar) – it’s totally insane. I get that silent movies are “cool” and that there hasn’t been one in a while….but ya know why?? CUZ WE HAVE SOUND YOU LUNATIC! Why would we ever want a silent film to come back again?? Is it so the orchestra can feel more important?? Cuz quite frankly, I’ve been in orchestras and we don’t actually care. What we DO care about is the fact that we just spent 3 hours READING a 30 minute dialogue cuz you guys wanted to type it out instead of SPEAKING IT!! It’s like if ABC came out with a new season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, but it was be available on the radio. Do you wanna know who’s NOT watching/listening to that new season? ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE.

2. I have a hard time with movies that make you tired. I get that it’s probably some sort of major movie challenge to get your audience to feel the way the main character feels, but it was too much. By the end of the movie I needed a nap, and quite frankly I just don’t enjoy movies that literally exhaust me. If I wanted to get tired watching people do things, I’d just go to the gym.

3. I needed more screen time of the older brother. 1) because he’s yummy and 2) because…actually that’s it. He cute.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

Overall, I do believe everyone should see this film ONCE. That’s all you’ll want to do anyhow. Watch it one time, feel tired, be impressed with Director Mendes, and then go home, take a nap, and watch Grey’s Anatomy on ABC.

Truthfully Yours,


The Program

Is anyone else out there OBSESSED with the Lance Armstrong story? I seriously can’t get enough. And lucky for me there’s about 700 movies about Lance. Here’s what’s out there:

-30 For 30 on ESPN (4 hours of Lance)

-The Program (2 hour Netflix Movie of Lance)

-The Armstrong Lie (2 hour Movie of Lance)

-Stop At Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2 hour Documentary of Lance)

Amazon.com: Watch The Program | Prime Video

Now, I’ve only seen the first 2 so I’ve clocked 6 hours of Lance Armstrong, but let me tell you – he’s addicting! If you know his story well then you’ll know how intriguing every single one of these movies/documentaries are. If you don’t know his story, let me summarize it for you (and if you think this is a spoiler then you’ve been living under a rock for 7 years because this crap hit the fan in 2013 and it’s gone to hell in a hand basket ever since)!

Lance’s life summarized:

-Born 1971

-Started swimming 1983, age 12

-Started triathlons 1986, age 15

-Lied about age to compete in triathlons, still age 15

-Started winning triathlons, but decided to focus on cycling in 1992, age 21 (low key started doping)

-In 1993 he won the World Championship in cycling, but had a hard time winning other European races (wasn’t doping enough, apparently)

-Continued cycling and doping through 1996, got diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer

-Fought cancer (definitely deserves kudos here), and got back on the bike 1997

-Started using EPO and blood transfusions to dope instead of just cortizone, testosterone and growth hormones (cause that clearly doesn’t sound like enough things to put in your body AFTER cancer)

-Won 7 Tour De Frances (which is literally insane) 1998-2005

-Repeatedly denied doping on television and in countless interviews. Some of his cyclist friends started to tattle on him, but because Lance was rich and a bully, he basically called them liars and then proceeded to ruin their lives.

-Retired from cycling after his 7th Tour win (2005)

-Took a few years off to focus on family and his foundation, Livestrong (this is actually a great foundation), and then got bored and arrogant and entered back into the cycling scene

-Continued to bully people and deny doping claims until….SUDDENLY! One of his old disgruntled cycling teammates (who had been caught doping), wrote a GIGANTIC email to the press detailing Lance’s doping history (the devil was in the details, let me tell you).

-Fast forward to 2013 – Lance has had multiple lawsuits with friends and journalists and other people who are all trying to rat him out. AND THEN. Out of the blue. He calls OPRAH. OH-PRAH!! And confesses EVERYTHING in a private interview. He confesses to doping, he confesses to ALL the drugs, he confesses to lying for years, and he confesses to not really feeling THAT bad!! YOU GUYS. IS THAT NOT ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING?!? Could you even imagine getting caught in that many lies?! It’s seriously amazing. And he almost got away with it too! If he hadn’t been arrogant after retiring, he could have died a hero. A HERO I TELL YOU.

-But now….everyone hates him. He’s a liar. He’s a cheater. He has very few friends. And his poor kids definitely need to change their last name. And move. And never ride a bike.

Basically, the movie “The Program” paints you this timeline in a very dramatic way and has the protagonist being a sports writer for Sunday Times. It’s very informative, super good acting, and ultimately, the craziest sports story to ever be witnessed on television. I also highly recommend “30 For 30 on Lance Armstrong”, because he, personally, gives interviews in 2019 (6 years after the major explosion), and his lack of remorse is INSANE. I just find people who are that apathetic to be crazy, thus…I must know more.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

Don’t get me wrong. I think Lance Armstrong is a pretty terrible person, but I find his ability to lie to the world for 15 years VERY binge worthy!

PS – His foundation, Livestrong, is actually fabulous and I think that’s the only reason he hasn’t been swallowed up by the earth yet. Please continue to donate. K thx.




I don’t understand why this movie won so many awards. Sure, it’s slightly disturbing, and yes, it leaves you thinking about it for days after…but quite frankly so does “Donnie Darko” and I didn’t see that movie win anything at the Oscars in 2001.

To hear my full thoughts on this apparently “amazing” film, here’s my youtube review. Enjoy.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns

Little Women (2019)

I am such a huge fan of this movie! I went in with a real excitement to be disappointed but instead I left without any mascara left on my face and my heart full of love for Timothee Chalamet. If you haven’t seen the Winona Ryder version then please go do that and also WHAT WAS YOUR CHILDHOOD?

Full review is below:

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns.

Sincerely Yours,