Why THIS Blog?

You may ask yourself WHY? Why would someone start a movie review blog when they are for sure not qualified? Well there are 2 versions of the same answer, so choose your own adventure:

The Straight-Forward Version: I am a high school teacher and so, yes, I do get summers off. I’d like to remind people that between cleaning your classroom, getting ready for next year, and band camp (oh yea, I teach band), I really get just 2-3 weeks of “Summer”, which is still great, but it’s not the 3 months off that most people assume.

ANYHOW, during the summers I like to live my best life and watch 4-6 movies a day to avoid being outside and doing anything productive. I also have a wonderful husband who works very hard all year round. Due to our slight schedule differences in summertime, he found himself coming home every night for about 3 weeks being quizzed about the story plots of 4-6 movies that were unheard of by most people. The lunatic doing the quizzing would also then interject the synopsis with personal issues and pro/con lists as to how the movie could have been better. That lunatic was me and so I then created this blog to stop annoying my husband in the summers.

The Gushy Version: I have loved movies my entire life and ever since I can remember I have watched movies in any (and all) of my spare time. I went through major phases of wanting to be different characters from movies (I know that’s probably not a new thing for kids, but it’s still going on right now) and I’d like to share those phases with you:

Ages 4-6 – Elizabeth Bennet from the BBC “Pride and Prejudice” mini series

Ages 5-7 – Snow White

Ages 8-10 – Mulan

Ages 10-11 – Faye from “That Thing You Do”

Ages 12 – 15 – Jane Bennet from the BBC “Pride and Prejudice”

Ages 16 – 18 – Gabriella from “High School Musical”

Ages 18 – 21 – Lorelai Gilmore

Ages 21 – 23 – Bridget Jones

Ages 23 – 27 – Phoebe Buffay from “Friends”

Ages 28 – Present – The Grandma in “Downton Abbey”

The reason I mainly started this blog was to stop annoying my husband with all of my opinions on movies he didn’t care about. However, I now secretly love the fact that I have an outlet to talk in constant movie quotes and express my unfiltered opinions.

It has now been 5 years since starting this blog and now I thoroughly enjoy sending my opinions about movies into the cyberworld, and I am so grateful to anyone that bothers to read them.

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