Raya and the Last Dragon

OK I have recently been on an animation kick. I don’t know if it’s because all the new live action movies have to do with death and destruction or if it’s just because I still like to pretend I’m 9 years old and believe in dragons. Whatever the reason, I have been devouring these new Disney+ films like it’s my job. So here goes my review of “Raya and the Last Dragon”.

First things first – I can tell that I am getting OLD AF because Raya’s dad was looking REAL FINE. I hate to break it to you, but there will come a day when you watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ and you will find yourself whole heartedly agreeing with King Triton because you realize that a 16 year old disrespectful mermaid really should NOT be allowed to become human and run off with a man she just saw on a boat. Oh, and don’t you dare judge me on finding an animated character attractive, I KNOW there be men out there looking for a real life Kim Possible.

Secondly, Awkwafina as a dragon definitely gave Eddie Murphy a run for his money. Trust me, I do not say this lightly because it would be blasphemy for me to casually compare anyone to the high caliber of acting that is Mushu, but my honest opinion is that Sisu (last dragon) is basically the Mushu for Gen Zs. Mazel Tov, you get a sassy dragon for your generation. FUTURE PREDICTION: If Awkwafina can land a role voicing a donkey, she can happily end her career.

Thirdly, I am really enjoying seeing Disney create less princesses and more female warriors/adventurers. It gives me all the feels. Also, I think we have definitely spent enough time in Europe, so the new exploration of Asian animated characters is really filling my cup!

Lastly, this film has strong “Guardians of the Galaxy” vibes and I was into it. I’ll prove it to you below. Please take note that I will die on this hill:

Gamora : Raya = main female warrior

Star-Lord/Peter : Sisu = comic relief and best friend of warrior

Drax : Tong = Large yet sensitive man

Groot : Little Noi = character that doesn’t speak but helps out loads

Rocket : Boun = chatty Cathy ,small in stature, and also adds comic relief

Nebula : Namaari = Evil nemesis that eventually turns to good for Gamora/Raya character

Thanos : Virana = The always evil character

Well, there you have it. I highly recommend watching this movie especially with your children as long as they can handle giant armadillo hamsters and somewhat aggressive sword fighting.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns and an extra kernel for the dad *wink*

Snaps for Disney.

Truthfully Yours,


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