Alice in Wonderland

I recently saw someone post that the “Alice in Wonderland” soundtrack was one of their favorite Disney soundtracks. Shocking, yes? But then I realized that I haven’t actually seen the live action versions of “Alice in Wonderland” because they always seemed, oh what’s the word….not worth my time. However, before I am able to comment on the above post and say “but have you seen literally any other Disney film?”, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t speaking too hastily. So I began the Wonderland journey and proceeded to watch “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. My thoughts are as follows:

1) I was right.

2) Watch any other Disney movie.

Popcorn Rating: 1 burnt kernel for Anne Hathaway who tried but failed as a Queen (stick to being a princess).

Aside from Alice’s breathtaking Chinese Qipao she wore in the first film, everything else was bizarre and uncomfortable. No thank yew.

Truthfully Yours,


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