A Christmas Prince

Have you ever seen tons of glitter in a trash can? Like mounds of glitter and sequins and shiny sparkly tassels in a garbage bin? If not, imagine what that would look like. THAT is this movie. It is 100% trash but it’s pretty and sparkly and looks very nice, so aside from the fact that it is garbage, it’s quite appealing to the eyes.

Ready. Set. Test Time:

Think of every single cliche romantic thing that could happen in a cheesy love movie. Think of all of them. I mean it. Don’t leave anything out. Do you have your list? Ok, now compare it to mine:

1) A Meet-cute that involves fighting/arguing of some kind to create the initial tension in a relationship we all crave

2) Wrong identity/hidden identity of one of the main characters so that there’s always one massive misunderstanding in the middle of the movie

3) One character has lots of money so everything is like a fairytale and no one’s on a budget

4) A younger sibling of one of the characters brings out the hidden vulnerable side of said character

5) Orphans are present

6) Bad boy turns good boy because small town girl shows him truth and honesty and other gag-worthy insights

7) A major “Damsel in Distress” moment – preferably with wolves and horses because that’s super relevant to real life

8) Horse ride/sleigh ride in the woods to justify the trip to New Zealand/Scotland/Wherever in Europe the director wanted to go

9) Ball gown is needed at some point in the movie because cocktail parties are far too trashy for a holiday shindig

10) Romantic dancing – usually involving a string quartet

11) A kiss at midnight to embrace the Cinderella fairytale (New Years Eve kiss is even better)

12) Unpredictable engagement- cuz we all know REAL women want that comin’ outta left field #eyeroll

13) A reading of a romantic letter/poem so that we know the handsome rich boy can actually read

-End Of List-

Debrief: Were you able to come up with more? Good for you! Did we have a lot in common? Probably, because my list basically covers the classics: “Beauty and the Beast”, “Some Kind of Wonderful”, “A Cinderella Story”, “A Walk To Remember”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “The Importance of Being Ernest”, “Win a Date With Tad Hamilton”, and “Love Story”.

Now, I would like you to reread this list and try to imagine a movie that contains ALL of these cliche, cheesy, romantic and oh-so predictable plot points. Can’t think of one? That’s because you haven’t seen “A Christmas Prince” yet!!!

That’s right! Ladies and gentleman, this Christmas romantic Netflix movie contains not one, not two, but ALL 13 ITEMS ON THIS LIST. Let me guess, you’re probably thinking “This cannot be possible! That’s way too much cheese for one motion picture! She must have watched 3 Julia Roberts movies in a row and then watched a few Disney commercials and then saw “A Christmas Prince”, which is probably why her list is so long and ridiculous.” I ASSURE YOU. This movie is real. It’s less than 2 hours long, and it is jam-packed full of every single romantic tagline, story plot, and serendipitous encounter one would only hope to find in the bloopers of a Hallmark movie.

Popcorn Rating: 1 popped corn

HOWEVER, please keep in mind that even though this movie is complete and utter cinematic trash, I will for sure be watching it again and again because it is the most satisfying and most predictable love plot in the history of the world and I like to watch movies that do exactly what my 16 year old mind would have told them to do. Happy Christmas!

Truthfully Yours,


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