Free Solo

Have you ever caught yourself sitting around on a Saturday thinking “I really want to be stressed out, nervous, and experience a little vertigo!” If so, you’re in luck – I have found the perfect movie for you!

“Free Solo” is a film about climber Alex Honnold free-soloing El Capitan in Yosemite, which is another way of saying climbing without any ropes, water, or sanity. Alex Honnold is legit crazy and this movie was incredible.

Before talking about why this movie is awesome I just want to get some of my personal issues out of the way:

1) “Free Solo” is a bad title. I personally hate titles of movies that are actions. Die Hard. Step Up. Do the Right Thing. Like what if I don’t want to?! Why do these titles need to be so aggressive?! Also, a movie called “Solo” literally just came out like 6 months ago, so it sounds like this is a sequel. Not sure what we can do about it, but it bothers me.

2) The film did not spend nearly enough time on Alex Honnold’s eating habits. There were like 2 scenes of him eating – one where he was directly eating from a spatula and another where he was directly sipping from a sauce pan. I NEED MORE.

3) Tommy Caldwell’s kid needs a show. E! Network where you at?

List #2 – Why I loved this movie:

1) I love watching people do things that I would never and could never do. That’s why the Olympics are so great. I find it so satisfying sitting in a comfy chair, eating popcorn and drinking a cherry coke icee while watching a passionate, motivated, crazy man climb an impossible wall of rock. It really puts life in perspective. Like I could be like him right now if I wanted – I could drive to Yosemite and clip a chalk bag to my pants and start climbing, but I made a decision today and that decision was to live. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

2) Alex’s vocabulary was impeccable. I had to google 3 words after watching that movie because my USC Masters degree is apparently not good enough to understand his common climbing vernacular.

3) Alex’s relationship with his girlfriend was both hysterical and heartbreaking. There is literally no filter between the two of them which is incredibly entertaining to watch but also super sad when you realize he doesn’t actually care about her feelings. Again, odd relationship, great movie material.

4) I really loved the fact that they also showed the film crews’ perspective in this film. I never think about the film crew – mainly because I think all movies are real life and I am simply spying on them. But getting to hear and see the film crews’ side of the story was really insightful. Also, those guys are so fit. Wow.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

I was stressed out for about 60% of this movie, so I’m not sure if I can watch it again. However, it was incredibly interesting, Alex Honnold is super entertaining, and the film crew should have another movie made for them because their job was insane. I mean so was Alex’s job, but like, he got this movie so he’s good now.

Live long and prosper,


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