The Lake House

I cannot believe that people do not like this movie! When it came out in theaters like 10 years ago I asked my friends if it was worth seeing and they all told me “no”. So naturally I waited until it was out on Netflix, so here we are.

I am literally so shocked that this movie got such a bad rap. Now let me get a few questions out of the way: 1) Does the plot make no sense? No. 2) Are there loopholes everywhere? Naturally. 3) Are none of your questions ever answered in the film? Of course not. BUT (and this is the game changer) Keanu Reeves looks so good in a turtleneck!!!! Does any of that other stuff really matter now? NOPE.

This movie has the worst storyline ever, the time difference between the two characters never gets explained, and at a certain point they stop using the mailbox as their time machine and just straight up yell into the air at each other over a two year time difference. But you know what? I DON’T CARE. I don’t care about any of it because this was hands down Keanu’s most attractive appearance in any movie and I appreciate that so much. Forget “The Martix”, forget “Speed”, and definitely forget about “John Wick” (like how many of you even remember that one?). “The Lake House” is FOR SURE Keanu in his prime and I enjoyed every second of it.

There’s something ridiculously freeing about watching a movie and accepting the fact that it makes no sense, that it will never make sense, and that it was created to straight up confuse you. It’s like the movie version of “LOST”! I don’t care how many interviews J. J. Abrams does, his show was ridiculous and even he doesn’t know why there was a polar bear in season 1. That’s fine. Do you J.J. As long as you keep casting people like Michael Fox, I will not complain. Lucky for us, “The Lake House” was only a 2 hour investment, where “Lost” was like a good part of 4 years.

Needless to say, this movie doesn’t need a list of its reasons to or to not watch. The main take away of “The Lake House” is this:

*Sandra Bullock is a babe (always and forever) and Keanu can’t act for beans but this is the best he’s ever looked in a film and for that it’s a new fave of mine. Turtlenecks FTW.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns as long as you don’t watch the movie for the storyline

I’m seriously watching this again tonight. It made me laugh, cry, and roll my eyes. What else could you want?



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  1. Umm, great for mindless work or chores. I own it and put it on for the sound track alone. My dad refuses to watch it, but the style choices and Sandra’s hair keep me coming back.

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