Crazy Rich Asians

This entire movie is HASHTAG GOALS!!

I don’t even know where to begin. Loved the cast, loved the story, loved the wedding, loved literally everything about this movie.

I also read the book before watching the movie because I wanted to be THAT person after the movie that says “oh the book was so much better”. But {SPOILER ALERT} the book was SO MUCH WORSE!! I don’t have the time or desire to do a compare/contrast with the book and the movie, but just take my word for it – the movie is better and you should just skip the book altogether. UNLESS, of course, you want to support Kevin Kwan since he did come up with this awesome story line in the first place (that just happened to make a better movie than a book), but that’s your call.

Here are a few things I adored about this film in case you’re on the fence about watching it (this should teeter you over):

1) Reading about gossip spreading is probably the hardest thing ever!! You get dizzy just trying to follow it. But watching one text get sent to a Facebook messenger that gets sent to a group chat that gets shared online that gets snapped to people – is entertaining AF! Basically every juicy/gossipy/rumor-spreading thing that happens in this movie (which is basically half the movie) is so entertaining to watch on screen- I get excited just thinking about it! This film makes you so thankful that you don’t personally know the Kardashians and/or have Crazy Rich Asian friends that want to sabotage your love life. It’s a great feeling.

2) Singapore looks like if Heaven had a baby with Versailles and then added food everywhere. Someone buy me a plane ticket pronto.

3) The amount of tall and attractive Asian men in this film was enough to make me pay $13. No need for a storyline. Just the cast please. K thx.

4) The Mah Jong scene at the end literally gave me goose bumps and I truly believe that anyone who can play Mah Jong that well should run for president. #rachelforpresident2020

5) I cannot tell you how much I loved Rachel’s friend Peik Lin. If you don’t have a best friend like that – you need to start casting your net! Also, I need to start keeping a cocktail outfit, workout outfit, professional outfit, and casual outfit in my trunk as well. It’s a brilliant idea and clearly comes in handy when your best friend is dating an Asian billionaire.

6) Astrid spent $1.2 million dollars on a pair of earrings without batting an eye. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. Actually, more accurately. TEACH MY HUSBAND YOUR WAYS.

Popcorn Rating: 5 popped corns

The cast is perfection. The story line is amazing. The ending is superb. Go to the theaters now while you still can!



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