Sierra Burgess is a Loser

PSA – Noah Centineo is currently featured in 3 Netflix movies: “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”, and “SPF18”. Two down. One to go. Stay Tuned.

Below are my thoughts on “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”. I have categorized them into 2 lists: 1) Why this movie is ridiculous 2) Why this movie is amazing. Also can I just add that movie titles need to CHILL with their sentence-long titles. Even though I loved TATBILB, it is a pain to talk about it because it’s such a mouthful. I am shortening this one to SBIAL and Netflix needs to take a good look at their targeted demographic. In case they haven’t noticed, the Millennials and Gen Zs are basically only known for their laziness and desire to do as little work as possible, so titling these new movies with scientific-paper-abstract-long titles is basically the biggest turn off. But I am only speaking on behalf a few million people, so do what you will with that.

Image result for sarah burgess is a loserWhy SBIAL is ridiculous:

1) This movie basically has a 1950’s love plot with a “Mean Girls” script and a “Ten Things I Hate About You” school dynamic. It has got to be one of the most outrageous teenage plots I’ve seen in a WHILE and mind you I very recently watched all the HSMs, Camp Rocks, Cinderella Stories, and Molly Ringwald classics.

2) Let me expand a bit on the 1950’s love plot – first off, teenage guys, especially good-looking jocks like Mr. Noah over here, DO NOT EVER EVER randomly approach a table of 3 beautiful girls and say “hi” hoping for a number. That’s not real. It will never be real, and quite frankly for this to be the start of the love story was just plain cruel. His self-confidence in that diner was so ridiculously inflated that when he couldn’t take a shirtless selfie later in the film {Spoiler Alert} I legit rolled my eyes.

3) The ending to this movie {Another Spoiler} is on par with the ending from “He’s Just Not That Into You”. I would like to give you a direct comparison to the ending dialogues:

GIGI Look, I’ve just been out with your friend Bill. And it just might be exactly what I need. No drama. He calls. He does what he says.

ALEX I could do that stuff too.

GIGI But you didn’t. And that same wise person told me that I am the rule. That I have to stop thinking that every guy will change – stop thinking that I will be the exception. (Alex looks at her)

ALEX You are my exception. ( They KISS)


Jamey: I get why you did it, I do, and… honestly, had we not met the way that we had, maybe I wouldn’t have noticed you. I mean, you’re not exactly everybody’s type – and…

Sierra: Okay. Thanks.

Jamey: But…you’re my type. You are exactly my type.

Case in point: They have the same ending. And both of these endings are ridiculous.

4) I am seriously so confused as to why the “loser” stereotype has to go hand in hand with curly hair, marching band, and super good at reading. IS THIS REAL LIFE?! First off, I wouldn’t say that there were any “losers” at my school because to be a “loser” I feel like you need to actually have lost at life a little – and until you’ve been fired a handful of times you haven’t really had an opportunity to “lose” anything. Also, if you were to prematurely categorize high schoolers into a “loser” category would you really go for the intellectual musician with a unique personality? No you would not and that is why this movie is ridiculous.

Why SBIAL is amazing:

1) This is probably the first movie where the “Mean Girl” is likeable for more than half of the movie! I honestly did not think that Veronica (the villainous character) was going to be the girl I cheered for in the end, but when she showed up at Noah’s door in her Prom dress I was legit hoping they would be the new thing. But alas, the movie had to end “Pretty in Pink” style and the jock went for the personality over the looks. Props to Jamey but also sending an air hug to Veronica.

2) Sierra’s best friend surpasses all other best friends. He’s the bomb and every teen movie needs to up their game to this new best friend level!

3) The amount of cringe worthy scenes in this movie was almost criminal, but Sierra’s character was actually so awesome and withstood all of the criticism in a super classy way that I was surprisingly not dying from second hand embarrassment.

4) The realness to this movie was SO good. As a high school teacher, I can attest that the level of drama, catfishing, and selfies that were taken are spot on accurate to what high school is like nowadays. Netflix – I appreciate you.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns and 2 big kernels for Jamey’s high standards

Even though this movie really gives great insight into high school life today, there are so many hard scenes to watch. I also think catfishing is one of the worst things you can do to someone’s heart….so because if that, it only gets 3 kernels, but Jamey is fantastic boyf material and I’m hoping all the guys watch this and get inspired.

Truthfully Yours


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