Beyond Borders

If this movie doesn’t make you want to start a non-profit and adopt a child from Africa then you need to take a good look at your life and change who you are.

Was this movie incredibly hard to watch? yes. Was Angelina’s character pretty unrealistic? also yes. But will this movie make you cry, fall in love with Clive Owen, and join a cause to end world hunger? OH FOR SURE.

I had legit never heard of this movie or even knew that it came out 15 years ago until Netflix recommended it to me. So naturally I googled it and under “Clive Owen films” it popped up as #6 so I figured “top 10 – must be good”. After watching the film, I started searching my Netflix history to try and understand WHY THEY THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. I don’t know how this happened, but I’m planning to look into it.

Now even though I don’t think “Beyond Borders” is a natural recommendation after watching “Kissing Booth” and all the Camp Rocks this summer, I actually really liked this movie. It was super hard to watch for about 95% of the film (not sure if I really need to admit that seeing a film about poverty in the world would be hard to watch), but if you can be strong enough to sit through this – you will sob multiple times and also get your heart broken at the end, but you will hopefully feel motivated to do good in the world. (Please don’t get mad at that spoiler because this movie came out 15 years ago and quite frankly doing a [spoiler alert] for a 2003 film just seems extra).

Here’s what makes this movie great in a film-watching sense, not in a the-context-of-this-film-is-uplifting way:

  1. This is for sure Clive Owen’s PRIME. In his early 30’s he still looks like a child, but his late 30’s to early 40’s (“King Arthur”, “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”, etc) were exquisite.
  2. Even though Angelina’s character was pretty ridiculous in every way (her clothing choices, haircut, husband of choice, and house), her raw and irrational passion for Clive Owen’s non-profit organization was actually quite inspiring. Do we all wish we had heaps of British pounds we could send to Ethiopia without thinking twice? well, yes, of course. So thank you, Angelina, for living out one of our fantasies, even if it’s just in a movie.
  3. I love Clive Owen’s character in this film – he is so unfiltered that he constantly flirts between being refreshingly truthful and just straight up abrasive. But I repeat, he’s in his prime, so you love it.
  4. If you have not been grateful ever in your life, you need to see this film and GAIN SOME CHARACTER! That’s my lecture. Now go call your mom and tell her you love her.
  5. This movie also confirmed the fact that I will not be traveling to Russia ever. Why is the world such a scary place? Even trying to do good things in the world is so hard. Is that not the MOST frustrating feeling? Sacrificing everything just to be met with opposition and obstacles. Snaps for everyone in this world who is like Nick Callahan (Clive’s character).
  6. The romance in this film is like the beginning “Love Story” combined with the middle part of “Pride and Prejudice” and the end of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”. Basically it’s miserable to watch but you Must. Watch.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns for the film, 5 popped corns for the message

Was this the best film I’ve seen lately? no. Is this movie an even more depressing version of “A Walk to Remember”? yup. Will this make you want to be a better person? HOPEFULLY. So please grab some tissues, get in your jammies, grab a blanket for comfort, watch this film, and change the world.



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