Have you ever been in the theaters and watched a preview for a movie and then said “wait, wasn’t that basically the whole movie?” And then you go watch the movie anyway and then you say “oh. That preview WAS the whole movie.” That is basically “Tag”.

Luckily, the preview was funny and based on a true story, so watching the whole movie wasn’t a total waste a money. I would just recommend to everyone that if you haven’t seen the preview, and you want to watch a comedy around the same level as “The Hangover”, just go in blind! If you don’t really want to see a 2 hour movie about 5 grown men playing tag, then watch the preview and you’ll be set.

Per tradition, here is a list of things to look forward to if you decide to watch the movie [contains predictable Spoiler Alerts]:

1) Isla Fisher was HANDS DOWN the best character in this film. I forget if she was featured in the preview, but either way, her performance is almost worth the entire $13 for a ticket.

2) Jon Hamm doesn’t get the girl for the first time ever and it’s super satisfying. “You’re no longer my number 3!” #namethatmovie

3) Jake Johnson is the most attractive adult male loser ever to be seen on television. If you don’t watch “New Girl”, you won’t know him or his loser-ish-ness. Also if you don’t watch “New Girl”, you’re a loser.

4) The last 10 minutes gives this movie about 2 inches of depth so get excited for that shoe to drop.

5) Wait until the end of the movie to see the “true story” men playing tag. It’s actually the cutest thing ever.

6) There’s about a thousand plot holes in this film, but if you just take it for what it is (5 men playing a child’s game in a major motion picture) you’ll have a decent amount of laughs and go home thinking about which 5 boys from your middle school are probably doing this right now.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns

I definitely didn’t hate this movie, but it was also not a “rent immediately on Redbox when it comes out” movie either. If you want a good laugh along with one or two hard eye rolls, this movie is for you! Again, the preview will suffice for a lot of you, but if you’re an Isla Fisher fan, then the whole movie might be worth it.

Truthfully Yours


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