Solo: A Star Wars Story

I am a luke warm Star Wars fan (pun unintended). I don’t particularly love this series, but I like to be an active member in society, so seeing all these movies is a bit of a necessity. Plus I write this blog, so gotta stay current. Overall, if I had watched this movie not knowing anything about Star Wars or Han Solo, I think I would consider this to be a solid action film. There’s some super weird creatures, there’s a fun and slightly predictable plot twist at the end, and the Millennium Falcon scenes are quite epic. If you are a Star Wars fanatic, there are probably a million cool nuances that I for sure didn’t notice, so I’m reviewing this strictly as a person who has seen all the movies, but doesn’t remember anything. And, per usual, there are a few things that bothered me, so enjoy my list below.

List of annoyances in “Solo”:

1) Why does the poster look like a weird replica of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”? This has nothing to do with the movie, but these graphic designers really need to get more creative! It’s your job.

2) WHY DOES CHEWBACCA NEVER HAVE SUBTITLES?! What is up with all these creatures having their own language and NO translation?? “I am groot. I am groot. I am GROOOOOOT”. How is this an acceptable script?? I get that we all take high school English and learn how to “understand through context”, but when I watch these movies I want to be as far removed from my school atmosphere. Why else would I watch a movie about a man and his furry bear friend trying to save a girl from an evil horned Jedi master, if I didn’t want to escape! MUST EVERYTHING USE BRAIN POWER?!

3) Emilia Clarke is SO incredibly out of Han Solo’s league it wasn’t even close to being a believable romance. Of course she’s gonna upgrade, Han! She’s EMILIA CLARKE. (Also, not sure if she technically upgraded, but she for sure moved on and literally no one was surprised).

4) The pirate people were so random and bizarre and I did not understand their purpose. First they tried to kill everyone and then at the end they wanted to help everyone. PLOT HOLE. I don’t understand.

5) Were we all just supposed to accept the fact that when the bad guy got mad, his cuts/burns on his face got red and expanded?!?! WHAT?! IS THAT NORMAL?! Was no one just slightly appalled or caught off guard?? What are these effects and why are they here? I just don’t understand why evil people in these movies also need to have super weird bodily mutations. Can’t they just be mean and call it a day?

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

This movie, if seen separate from the series, was interesting and action packed. As part of the series, I think it gave a fairly informative background to Han Solo – it was fun to see how Han and Chewy met and to see how he got so callous by the time you met him in the original Star Wars films. However, with every sequel, prequel, etc…there’s always some plot holes/annoyances that I tend to find. Hope this review was helpful, and if not, I don’t really care.

Truthfully Yours


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