The Kissing Booth

For those of you that don’t have Netflix 1) What’s wrong with you 2) You probably haven’t heard of this movie 3) Get Netflix. If you DO have Netflix then you have probably been bombarded with advertisements for this film, which is exactly why I ended up watching it. Twice. Ok three times.

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There’s something you need to understand about my movie preferences: I either need the movie to be a 5 star mega amazing, blow my mind kind of movie, or it needs to be a 1-2 star chick flick that is so bad it’s good. A few examples of category 1: Casablanca, Vertigo, Ben Hur, and Inside Man. Examples of category 2: Camp Rock 1 & 2, The Wedding Date, Cadet Kelly, and She’s All That. Now that I think about it, basically all Disney films, Freddie Prince Jr. films, and all the 1990 wedding films are my weakness. “The Kissing Booth” doesn’t fall into any of these categories but it is still a priceless 2 star CLASSIC. Here’s why I loved it:

  1. It starts off with a life montage – those are my fave
  2. The main character, Elle Evans, is quirky and honest and also cool – #goals
  3. All the “high school” boys are actually in their 20’s, which is good news for everyone
  4. Molly Ringwald is in this movie. WHAT?! Love her. so much.
  5. Even though it’s pretty clear that Elle Evans is not a long distance runner, I love the fact that she (in theory) chose to run 5 miles home instead of get on the back of a motorcycle. amazing.
  6. Love the scene where she tries to pick a dress for the party. If you don’t remember this scene, that’s ok, it’s not essential to the plot. But in case you missed it, she basically puts on an initial outfit and laughs, then puts on 6 other outfits and ends up wearing the first one she had tried on. It’s textbook high school girl problems and I love it.
  7. I hope DDR makes a major come back after everyone has seen this film
  8. Every scene after the Kissing Booth scene is so utopian that it’s impossible not to like this movie

Also, here are my favorite lines:

  1. “Did you just put hands on me?”
  2. “Dude touched my lady bum!”
  3. “Who is this? Are you a boy princess or a girl princess?”
  4. “Have I ever told you that you’re bossy?” “Yes, and I told you never to tell me that”

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

This is by no means an award-winning Oscar type of film, but it is probably the best laundry-folding film you could ask for! It’s got solid one-liners, plot twists that are thoroughly predictable and oh-so-satisfying, and a cast that rivals that of “She’s The Man”. You can’t go wrong.

If you’re bored on a Saturday morning, you know what to watch!


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