Evan Almighty

Be straight with me. Who actually knew that this was a movie? No one? Believable. So how, you might ask, did I come across this gem? Well I have Netflix recommendations to thank for that. Apparently when I watched “A Cinderella Story” featuring Lizzie McGuire and Chad Michael Murray, the next logical movie to follow that up would be the Steve Carell spin on a Jim Carrey classic! Boy what an amazing movie week it has been.

Now I’m not here to promote this movie, but for some reason I really want to talk about it. I am currently in a love/hate (mainly hate) state with this movie. I love a few parts of it and then hate a lot of other parts. And as you can guess, I’d like to share them with you.


1) Lauren Graham is wife goals in this movie! The fact that she didn’t divorce Steve the second he started to look like an ice hockey player during No Shave November is amazing. Also, she is the chillest Mom of three boys I have ever seen on television. Props to Lauren for giving us an unrealistic view of what motherhood could be!

2) The fact that John Goodman played a “top dog” congressmen in this movie is spectacular. I’ve never seen him NOT play the chubby dad or chubby Uncle and it was pretty entertaining.

3) Steve Carell went from not believing in God to praying one prayer to becoming “New York’s Noah” in a month. WHAT A TRANSFORMATION. I feel like this is every college person’s dream. You don’t believe in God, you pray for good grades, you miraculously decide to work hard and get good grades all in a month! I’m pretty sure that was the main message of this movie, but I could be wrong. I’m not though.

4) Morgan Freeman.


1) WHERE DID THE ANIMALS COME FROM? HOW WERE THEY FED? WHERE DID THEY SLEEP? WHAT IS GOING ON? The movie is based in New York and yet elephants and lions and snakes and porcupines are all just chillin in Steve’s backyard while he spends a month building an ark?? Nope. You’ve got to give me some background on these animals. Did they escape from the zoo? Is there a nearby circus? Are these domesticated or wild? Need more info pronto.

2) I can’t handle Steve’s robe.

3) The lake that “exploded” became a river that never really widened and scientifically I just don’t understand. I appreciate the modern spin on the flood, but unless there were some invisible aqueducts that were not portrayed in the film, I’m gonna stay real skeptical on this “natural disaster”.

4) I am so annoyed that the big “Ah Hah” moment in this movie was that ARK stood for “Act of Random Kindness”. Can we please stop with the acronyms? BRB LOL TBH WYD HMU BTW TFW C3PO. Does every single three letter combo need to stand for something? Can’t an ark just be an ark? What does car stand for, huh? Carefully Approach Roadkill? Clarity is Always Recommended? Cows Are Roaming? Enough already. I just need words to be the words they were supposed to be, not more words that they could be. English is hard as it is (that previous sentence is proof)!!

Popcorn Rating: 1 popped corn. 1 kernel for Jonah Hill cuz he was funny.

The main take away from this review should be: don’t trust Netflix.

Truthfully Yours,


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