Ready Player One

I watched this movie by myself at 2:00pm on a Tuesday because I thought I would hate it and I wanted to pay the least amount of money and waste the worst part of the day so I could get this review over with. To my almost disappointed surprise, I seriously loved this movie. I will probably see it again on a Saturday night with friends because I loved it so much.

Let me tell you why I thought I’d hate it:

1) I don’t play video games

2) I don’t like video games

3) I don’t know anything about virtual reality

4) I don’t understand virtual reality or video games

With that as my highly intellectual background, I assumed I wouldn’t understand the obsession with being in a virtual reality and wanting to then kill because of it (that was a spoiler alert from the previews so calm down). I don’t want to give any spoiler alerts because this movie is still currently in theaters but let me just give you a list as to why I ended up loving this film.

1) The main character is awkward and honest which are my two favorite things in a male lead

2) I am competitive and this movie is all about winning a game so I got hooked

3) To win the game you have to be a super nerd and do a ridiculous amount of research and I respect that

4) The end was SO EMOTIONAL. I couldn’t believe I how much I was crying and I was shocked more than you can imagine that I legit LOVED the ending of this film.

I, again, don’t want to spoil anything because you should just go and watch this film, but the moral of the story that I got is this: It’s easy to want to escape from the real world and be somebody else that might be a “better” version of you, but ultimately the real world is where you can find love and have a decent meal. Boom. Pow.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns and 1 kernel

I loved this movie, therefore everyone will love it. I had the so much to gain from this being a bad movie because I literally hate on video games all the time, and I genuinely wished that this movie would prove my point. But, to my chagrin, this movie rocks and my gloating has been put on hold and you should go watch it.

Truthfully Yours,


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