Darkest Hour

Wow. What a time to be alive!

Obviously not during World War II because that would have sucked. But how great is it that we’re alive now and can watch movies like this and see how terrible it would have been to be Winston Churchill! What a trooper.

I cannot imagine having to be Prime Minister of the UK in 1940 with half of Parliament basically being less attractive versions of Draco Malfoy. Literally would have been THE WORST. And if you’ve seen this movie, you know. It was THE WORST.

Gary Oldman does the most spectacular job portraying Churchill in this movie. Almost too good, because good ole Winston mumbled and never opened his mouth all the way when he talked, and Gary did the same thing so the long of the short of it is: YOU NEED SUBTITLES. To be honest I’d skip the theater on this one. Wait til you can rent it and turn on English Captions. I know for a fact that I missed a handful of subplots because Gary chose not to annunciate for the sake of authenticity, and I didn’t catch half of what he said. Gary, I appreciate you, but I also want to know what’s going on!

I also feel like this movie could have gone NEXT LEVEL if they actually inserted the movie “Dunkirk” about an hour in. Winston calls the General at Dunkirk telling him to use local boats to get the 300,000 men off that awful beach and then the next scene is it happening! How much more amazing would it have been if there was just a quick 2 hour detour and they showed us the actual Dunkirk movie?! SO MUCH MORE AWESOME. I know. This is why I need to be hired. Also, why are there no comment cards at the movies. I am full of great ideas to make these films better. Just sayin.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

Again, rent so you can have subtitles. Avoid the theater. If Gary wasn’t mumbling, he was smoking a cigar, so either way it’s impossible to understand him.



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