I, Tonya

Wow, what an uplifting movie. Between the verbally abusive mom, the physically abusive husband, the violent bashed knee incident, and Tonya’s constant tempers, it was hard to know who to cheer for first.

Also this movie went 45 minutes too long. If you end up deciding to watch this incredibly depressing and very disturbing film, I promise you’ll notice that moment when you think the movie’s over, the scene fades to black, and then, like the Huns after the avalanche in Mulan, you’ll see the movie continue to KEEP GOING, and then the next 45 minutes will have you restless and annoyed. Now I get that Tonya Harding still remembers her young life with every single detail ingrained in her memory, but we honestly don’t need to see all of it and most of it was quite repetitive *cue taking awful husband back 17 times*

The highlights of this film:

1) Margot Robbie was INCREDIBLE. Truly superb acting.

2) Allison Janney is one of my favorite actresses and she also kills it as the Mom! Terrifying mother. But amazing acting.

3) The movie eventually ended

Some lowlights:

1) The amount of scenes where we watched someone eat cereal was RIDICULOUS. Why was this a thing? Is this a theme to which she describes her life? “This one time, I was also eating cereal, and then…etc etc etc”. I was so confused as to why the cereal eating played such a huge role in this movie.

2) Now I’m not sure who this “Sean aka ex bodyguard” guy actually was because you NEVER see him doing any kind of bodyguard-ing ever. Plus, he’s basically the whole reason why Tonya married Jeff and why the “death threat” plan turned into a “knee bashing plan”. So he’s at the top of my “wish he didn’t exist” list.

3) I hated how Tonya kept making the excuse of, “I only knew of the death threat letter plan, I had nothing to do with the knee bashing incident” like it was really going to help her! Um, you planned a Death Threat Letter mission….where am I supposed to feel bad that your original idea got out of hand? Were you ever sorry you planned to DEATH THREAT someone? It’s like getting mad at a referee for giving you a red card because you broke someone’s arm in the game, but you had only been planning to punch them in the face. “Excuse me, Ref, you really need to understand that my intention was completely innocent. It was just supposed to be a face punch” – Tonya Harding

4) Last time I checked, ice skating is an aerobic sport. Meaning you breathe a lot. Meaning you need your lungs. Meaning you shouldn’t be SMOKING. I do not understand.

5) I know I don’t need to say this again but I’m going to: it was 45 minutes too long.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns only because the acting was so good

It’s definitely only a one-time see. It has been nominated for a bunch of stuff, so you know there’s fancy cinematic things happening. However, in my opinion, whether you’re on a date, hanging with your mom, or trying to have one of those “me days”, this will not put you in any kind of a good mood or give you a friendly mentality.

You’ve been warned,


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