The Post

Tom Hanks. Meryl Streep. The Vietnam War. Newspapers.

Not a particularly predictable combination, but oh it was so good. The one main thing that thrilled me the most about this movie was that there was zero, none, zilch romance between any of the characters. Hallelujah. Not only would seeing Tom Hanks with Meryl Streep be like watching Walt Disney with Julia Childs, but this film was all about the role and responsibility of newspapers during a time of war, chaos and lies, so by NOT adding romance in any way, this movie was able to hold on to its’ main lesson and I am so so glad it did!

Without spoiling too much of the movie, because I really want y’all to just get up and go watch it, the basic synopsis is that the owner and publisher of The Washington Post, Katharine Graham (played by Meryl) had to make some extremely difficult decisions at the time of the Vietnam War during Nixon’s presidency. Long story short, government secrets were stolen and copied and distributed to most of the major newspapers in the US, and after The New York Times exposed the US government, all other newspapers were told to cease research or they would be brought to court. Again, don’t want to spoil it so I’ll just leave you with this: This movie has some of the most stressful and dramatic stuff I’ve seen in a while! Yes, “The Big Short” gave me anxiety and yes, choosing where to go to dinner can be very stressful, but the amount of people that were effected by every decision she had to make was panic attack worthy! And of course Meryl delivered it brilliantly.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns and 1 kernel

There’s no love, just drama. Go watch!



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