Hello, My Name Is Doris

You HAVE to watch this one scene. It is my favorite scene in this whole film and seriously rivals Sandra Bullock’s dancing scene in “The Proposal” which is still my #1 favorite scene in a film EVER. Honestly, Sally Field’s dancing to EDM as an eccentric accountant who has a crush on her 30-something boss is such a close second, it’s almost a draw! Before reading any further, you must watch:

CLICK HERE I’M SERIOUS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmePeiU4Rkk

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The movie as a whole was cute but there are so many cringe-worthy scenes that the cuteness doesn’t actually outweigh the awkwardness. From watching the previews, it’s obvious that there will be awkward moments because Sally Fields is a 60 something year old who has a crush on her boss that is a 30 something year old aka Schmidt from ‘New Girl’ aka Mr. Pretty Boy. And it’s pretty well known that every employee/employer crush is awkward. It’s also known that older woman/younger man crush is also awkward. However, when you combine the two AND add Facebook trolling to the mix, it brings this movie to a next level uncomfortable status.

Of course you LOVE Doris. She is so quirky and bizarre and a hoarder – which is a fun touch. Plus, she says what she thinks and there’s no guessing what she understands or doesn’t understand. She’s a straight shooter. But then you have the boss/male lead, Max Greenfield, who is the new boss of her company who is trying to just play nice with everyone. In other words, giving false hope to the ladies that are crushing hard – like Doris!

They have one magical weekend (Spoiler alert) where Doris (Sally Fields) and Max Greenfield end up at the same Electronic Dance Music concert and Doris gets chosen by the artist to be their model. All of a sudden Doris is “in” with Max’s crowd and she’s super cool. However, once they go back to work, reality sets in for Max, but Doris keeps thinking they have a special bond. The plot thickens when Doris finds out he has a girlfriend and then it gets way worse when she tries to seduce him at his party.

The ending was ok. I appreciated the fact that she got rid of her hoarder ways – that was giving me anxiety. But her fantasies about Max were so outrageous that even though you wanted them to come true, you were still thinking “who am I kidding? That will literally never happen.” I love Sally Fields but seriously, honey, Max was never in the cards for you.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns and 1 kernel for my second favorite dancing scene in a movie

It’s not as cute of a movie to watch once you factor in all of the awkward moments. It’s like third wheeling a really bad date. Watch this by yourself if anything, or with your mom, or maybe even your sister-in-law, but that’s about it.

Yours Truly


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