Die Hard

Nothing screams “Christmas Spirit” more than Bruce Willis killing Eastern European terrorists at a Christmas party where he’s trying to win back his wife! If you haven’t seen this classic, you haven’t really experienced Christmas properly.

Here’s a quick and super accurate summary of the movie: Bruce Willis is an NYPD cop and arrives at his wife’s Xmas party to try and patch up their pretty broken marriage. While at the party, some terrorists stop by and take everyone as hostages so they can steal the CEO’s bonds which are worth millions of dollars. Per usual, the cops and the FBI are pretty useless so Bruce Willis decides to be Clark Kent and starts to kill all the terrorists off one by one. There’s a pretty bloody scene where Bruce Willis has to walk barefoot over some glass, and then there’s a graphic scene where one of the vaguely Eastern European terrorists gets hung by chains. [Spoiler Alert] Bruce Willis wins and gets his wife back and then makes Die Hard 2.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

Grab your wife, grab your kids, grab your family and watch this movie. The amount of Christmas spirit in this film will shock you.

Truthfully Yours,


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