The Holiday

Wow this is one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies. Not only is Jude Law hunkalicious, but believe it or not, Jack Black isn’t completely repulsive! It’s incredible. Plus, Kate Winslet makes the best damsel in distress, or should I say, damsel in an unrequited love triangle, AND Cameron Diaz plays the perfect high maintenance LA workaholic. That’s right, this review is a rave and I have evidence to prove why it’s a must see this season.

PFP’s Evidence:

1) A house exchange between LA and England is literally everyone’s dream. I don’t care where you live right now, you know that LA to England is your dream. Plus it’s a cottage in England and a mansion in LA. Basically the two most perfect types of houses in the world. Mexican Pueblo exchanges with Bermuda Bungalow- who’s watching that movie?

2) Cameron Diaz’s job is to make movie trailers. Besides that also being everyone’s dream job, her TV and DVD collection alone are worth having total envy for.

3) Jude Law is Kate Winslet’s brother. Talk about some great genes/some prime casting. Never underestimate the power of attractive siblings.

4) Jack Black is a movie score writer. Or he at least composes for some cheesy love movies cuz that’s all they show you in the film. Whatever his job description is, it beats Mr School of a Rock Teacher by a long shot! He’s still weird and goofy in this movie (and his voice still resembles that of a Panda), but he is oddly charming to Kate and after the first three viewings of the movie, he starts to grow on you.

5) Jude Law in glasses is what I assume to be the female equivalent of the sexy librarian fantasy.

6) John Krasinski is also in this movie.

7) This movie has one of those false happy endings where it ends without a realistic future plan, so you have to pretend that you’re happy with the fact that both relationships are still quite illogical, but they’re together for the last scene so everything is somehow right with the world. The ending is oddly comforting and yet also leaves you with some questions. It’s like the ending of Inception but way less stressful.

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns and a two kernels for Jim Halpert

I LOVE this Christmas film! It’s a chick flick (doi, look at the cast). It’s predictable (doi, look at the cast). And you will need to have Kleenex handy (doi, look at the cast). This movie is textbook Christmas cheesiness, but it is also pure perfection.



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