No Reservations 

Fact#1: Having a butt chin is tough 

Fact #2: Aaron Eckhart has a butt chin 

Fact #3: To be attractive with a butt chin, you must look like Aaron Eckhart 

Moving on to the movie. “No Reservations” is my all time favorite movie to watch when I’m feeling OCD because Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character always has me beat. It’s like when you watch The Bachelor because you’re single and it makes you feel so much better knowing that 24 crazy women aren’t all going for your crush too. Ya feel? 

This movie is basically every OCD/Control freaks nightmare, but of course ends with love so we all get sucked into liking it a little. Catherine leads this very controlled, very straight forward life, she’s the head chef at a fancy restaurant and does everything exactly how she likes it. But then her sister dies in a car accident and leaves her young daughter, Abigail Breslin, to Catherine’s keeping. Because Catherine is absent from work dealing with little Abigail, the restaurant brings in a replacement chef and he is a Mr. no-rules, no-structure, opera-listening free man that basically rocks Catherine’s world. Oh, yes, that man is Aaron Eckhart, the butt chin master himself. He is charming and lovely AND can cook!! The trifecta, amirite ladies? 

Aaron allows Catherine to enjoy her life, stop and smell the roses if you will , and ultimately teaches her how to fall in love without controlling everything. It’s basically a plot that is so far from reality that you just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fact that someone got paid to pitch this idea to a movie studio! YOU GO GLEN COCO! 

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns and 2 kernels

In short – this film has food, an OCD female lead, Abigail Breslin while she was still innocent, and Aaron Eckhart’s butt chin. Need I say more. 

Truthfully Yours,


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