The Grand Budapest Hotel

I’m gonna be honest, I am very confused as to what I just watched. I originally thought this movie was a drama, but then I thought “oh wait, this is a comedy” but then it wasn’t actually that funny so now I’m back to thinking it’s a drama. However, from my knowledge of how drama movies usually go, the main character is supposed to go through major trials and/or tribulations. Yes, Ralph Fiennes (the main character in this movie) goes to jail for a bit, but he makes friends and escapes, so how bad was his trial/tribulation, really? Long story short, I still have no idea if this movie is a drama or a comedy, but quite frankly I was just confused from the beginning and all I remember is that the cakes in the movie looked DELICIOUS. 

I know that the point of this movie was to give you the history of this hotel- The Grand Budapest Hotel. There is a tradition that is apparently supposed to be upheld in these Grand hotels and there’s a way to work up the ladder and eventually become the manager of the hotel, which is goals, I guess. There’s a system, and one must abide by the system to be successful! So the movie starts by telling us about Ralph Fiennes and his incredible work ethic, and how he finally became the manager of the Grand Budapest Hotel. However, when Ralph Fiennes finally works his way up to owning the hotel, all hell breaks loose! 

His system was to keep old ladies “company” at his hotel and then when they’d inevitably die he would get a part of their inheritance since he was basically their “last love”. One lady in particular, passed away and left him a valuable painting, but her biological son refused to let Ralph have it and then the whole movie turns into a confusing, Nazi involved, goose chase! 
In short, I don’t think I learned anything from this film. I didn’t laugh that much and I also didn’t cry at all – so you can see my conundrum. IS IT A DRAMA OR IS IT A COMEDY? Help. 

I also watched this on an airplane so my bar for what is entertaining is low, which means that if this didn’t do anything for me on an airplane – it’s not gonna do anything for you at home. 

Popcorn Rating: 1 popped corn

Save yourself from an afternoon of confusion. Hard pass on this movie. 
Yours truly, 


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