King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Before we get started, let me break a couple hearts real quick. King Arthur is not a real person. Can we all just get on the same page here historically and understand that King Arthur is a LEGEND – as in a type of MYTH – equivalent to the Greek Gods. If you believe in Zeus then go ahead and believe in King Arthur. You’re a crazy person and enjoy your unstable life. Second, the Legend of the Sword is ALSO a legend – as in a type of MYTH. Are you seeing a pattern?


Hollywood had the Moxy to make a movie that “explained” a legend about a sword that was legendarily used for a legendary person. In short, this movie is a myth about a myth. Meaning that you can’t fact check! That’s what makes this movie great. You can’t actually complain about it. Sure, you can say the acting sucked or the geography was a poor choice, or maybe the fire coming out of Jude Law’s face seemed fake. But quite frankly, Hollywood has the BEST excuse – this movie is a not-real story about a not-real person. boom. roasted.

I mean, who cares that we never meet Guinevere? Why does it matter that the sage is a super creepy 20-something year old that has very indistinct powers? Does it really matter that Arthur’s dad’s name was Uther, and from everything I know about English, that’s NOT a name? No! And why not? Because this movie is next level. It took a legend you thought you knew about and gave it a super crazy, really ridiculous, totally unbelievable twist, and you can’t complain about it because none of it is real.

One last thing I need to mention is that Charlie Hunnam has the body of Hercules (the cartoon character) and Cristiano Ronaldo combined. #yesplease

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

This movie is definitely odd, but the casting is great, and the legend of the sword of the legend of Arthur is basically a judgment free zone. Way to go Hollywood – you found a loophole.

To Uther!



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