Camp Rock

That’s right. My movie selections have no bounds. Don’t you dare judge – you know that deep down you wish you could find the right excuse to justify watching this movie. Well, after reading this review, I’ll give you just that – an excuse. 

The main reason why I love this movie is because it gives me HOPE! That’s right, this one is up there with all the other inspirationals! It gives me hope that even if I have minimal to no talent, no flare for comedy, and absolutely no ability to act or dance, I could still end up like Demi Lovato. Isn’t that inspiring? Granted, she can sing, but I can hula hoop, so I figure if Disney just comes out with the right Hula Hoop oriented movie – I can be totally famous. 

However, if you eliminate the hope factor, this movie actually has one of the worst on-screen romance pursuits known to man, but because it’s so bad, you have to watch it. It’s like a car accident, you don’t want to be the 100th person to slow down and add to the traffic jam you’ve been sitting in, but you just have to look! It’s human nature! If Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are attempting to portray their off-screen romance, ON SCREEN, during a Disney film about a competitive singing summer camp – you HAVE to stop and look. Bad accident = irresistible. 

Popcorn Rating: 1 popped corn for the movie, 3 popped corns for the hope it gives society 

1. Call up your best friend 2. Watch it at 9:00am so you can forget about it by the time you go to bed at night 3. Trust me, it will give you hope. 

Truthfully Yours,


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