Wonder Woman

Shut the front door! That’s right, I’m critiquing a movie from THIS year – 2017. I know, I know, you were probably holding your breath hoping I’d comment on another silent film from the 30’s, but believe it or not, I still go to the movies. It is a rare event since Netflix and Amazon Prime are my bread and butter these days, but nevertheless, Wonder Woman got me out on the town the other night. Here are my thoughts:

1) “Hello, you’re gorgeous” – to all the Amazonian women in this film

2) “Hello, you’re gorgeous” – to Chris Pine

3) What is this desk job that Wonder Woman has? Are we all just supposed to sit here and watch her reminisce on her badass days and then accept the fact that she got an hourly paid secretary position somewhere? Need more information.

4) Ares really shouldn’t have been professor Lupin. I just kept waiting for the plot twist of Ares becoming a werewolf and it low-key took away from the overall plot.

In a nutshell, this movie is pretty great. I’m not a comic book, Marvel, DC person at all. I constantly get iron man, fantastic 4, avengers, and deadpool mixed up. Who’s who? What are their powers? Why are there so many of them? However, as an ignorant, comic-less, outsider I loved this movie! Very entertaining, very interesting, and very emotional.

Two thumbs way up!!

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns, 1 kernel 



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