La La Land

If you liked this film, you will not like this review. So, either exit out now, or keep reading because you probably need this reality check. 

I cannot believe this got nominated for so many things. Has no one actually seen a professional dancer before? Or heard someone sing well? Also wanna throw this out there – just because everyone can sing doesn’t mean they should. I know how to use a knife, doesn’t mean I should be a surgeon. Has the concept of being trained or naturally gifted or educated in your trade just gone down the toilet? Ryan Gosling – check yourself. I get that the standard for what hot guys can do is automatically lower compared to us “mere mortals” but can we all stop pretending to be impressed with Ryan and Emma’s terrible attempt at singing in tune and tap dancing? Literally calling it tap dancing makes me mad – foot stomping? Line dancing? Cha cha sliding? 

Quickly – YouTube Fred Astaire in any movie, watch him tap dance for 20 seconds and you will understand how big of joke this movie is. “The Best Musical in our time” – America, are we high? How could this movie possibly be considered a musical when the singing and dancing are terrible? It’s like calling “On the Town” a war film because Frank Sinatra wore a uniform. 

Literally the only saving grace of this movie was the fact that (spoiler alert) they didn’t end up together! PRAISE THE LORD! Something real in this movie! The two amateur professionals in the world of music and film chose their careers over love and didn’t get both! Folks, we finally have a victory. If they had actually ended up together AND been successful in their craft, then this definitely would have been one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. But luckily, even though the talent was non-existent, at least the plot was good. 

Popcorn Rating: 2 popped corns 

Keeping it real


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