To Kill A Mockingbird 

Being a movie enthusiast, I rarely, in fact, I never read the books before watching a movie. I have always heard that if you read the book first, the movie will disappoint. Since I hate being disappointed, it makes the most sense to never read books JUST IN CASE you they turn into movies. 

However, since I grew up in the California Public school system (woot woot), I read To Kill A Mockingbird my freshmen year of high school. Then, as our reward for getting through the book, we watched the movie in class. Of course, as a freshmen, I was so annoyed that I spent three months reading spark notes when I could have easily learned the same amount by watching the movie instead. Well, se la vie. 

The only disappointing aspects of this movie, because yes, I was disappointed, were the facts that Scout was just about the most obnoxious child actor I’ve ever seen, AND Gregory Peck is WAY too hot to be a single dad without some sort of side chick. Talk about extremely poor casting. Who could ever believe that hunky Gregory would be a single dad, lawyer, and moral fighter without fifty women standing in line! However, other than those two aspects, this movie is quite moving, well scripted, and of course, a classic. 

In summary, I recommend watching the movie or reading the book, but definitely not both. The movie has some casting issues, but it can be overlooked since the storyline is so good. 

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns, 1 kernel


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