New year, new me! I’m gonna be critiquing new/old/unpopular/popular/great/terrible movies from now on! The flood gates have opened! Also, by “New Year” I mean “new school year” – because my life is and has only ever revolved around the fiscal year timeline. The “calendar year” is a myth, and my life is scheduled based on Homecoming week, thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents’ Day, spring break, Prom and graduation. (Insert sarcastic thumb up emoji).

So, since the new school year is just around the corner, I’m taking full advantage of my last few weeks of freedom and trying to cram in as many movies I can. I’ve had a few fabulous themed “re-run” days – these usually involve picking one actor/actress and binge watching their best and worst movies. I find that this method really helps me understand the emotional and mental state of some of these famous untouchables.

For example, the other day I did a John Cusack day – talk about an “untouchable”, amiright? Going from pining for the popular girl in school with a boom box, to pretending to love dogs with Diane Lane, and then being the destiny-loving, hard romantic in Serendipity…..he’s had quite the career! Can’t wait to see what John will do next ya know? It’s a real wait and see.


Well, back to this post. Dunkirk. The movie was pretty good, but the best part was by far the editing! Having the “one week”, “one day”, and “one hour” sequences layered on top of each other was nothing short of brilliant. I think that was far more impressive than any of the acting/effects in the movie. Overall there were two major things I learned from this film:

1) Anyone that survived Dunkirk was the luckiest person ever

2) Learning how to swim needs to be everyone’s #1 priority

I do believe that this is one of the best films of 2017 – predicting a few Golden Globe/Academy wins. It is engaging, smart, and based on a true event, so it obviously tugs at the heartstrings. I definitely recommend checking this movie out if you’re in a war film/anti-Germany mood. It definitely won’t leave you disapppinted. However it might deter you from visiting a beach anytime soon. You’ve been warned.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns, 1.5 kernels (Harry Styles is the reason for the extra .5)

Truthfully Yours


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