Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

YOU GUYSSSSS!! Aside from the fact that the title of this movie is horrendous – this film is nothing short of Amaze-balls. 

I, for real, watched this movie three times in a row. First, by myself, then with my sister, and then by myself again- three days in a row. I could not get enough!

First off, Emily Blunt is magical and her character is fantastic. Second, Ewon McGregor is the cutest, nerdiest, borderline uncomfortable fish enthusiast you’ll ever see. Their chemistry is adorable and the entire film is ridiculous and wonderful. 

You must Must MUST watch this film. I don’t want to spoil anything because it’s THAT good. 

Again, I know the title sucks. You just have to get over it. It would actually be better if you just used the acronym SFITY- cause at least there’s some mystery to that non-word. Just go rent it now. 

Popcorn Rating: 5 popped corns 

This is real


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