Girl on the Train

Yikes. Talk about really getting the short end of the stick. Emily Blunt just can’t catch a break.

First off, I appreciate the fact that the film crew is trying to make you feel as drunk as Emily feels in this film, but…..actually I don’t appreciate that. It was terrible. I legit felt nauseous most of this movie. Wasn’t Cloverfield enough people? Why must we get THAT in character? I’m not being paid millions for this role – let me sit in soberness in peace! If she’s having alcohol issues, let’s just watch and judge like normal people.

Secondly, this plot was nuts. Women are cray cray and husbands suck. Well, not all husbands. But, this husband – wow. I don’t wanna spoil too much, but that ending was just about as satisfying as the end of Shawshank.

Now that I think about it, those two movies have so many parallels!

1- main character is in the wrong place at the wrong time

2- main character witnesses a terrible thing and is blamed for it

3- main character tries to make the best of the situation but all attempts at being helpful only resulting in more turmoil

4- when the truth finally comes out, the main character is one step ahead for the first time

5- all the bad guys get what’s coming to them


Warnings: This movie is dark. You will probably get physically ill (thanks film crew). You won’t watch it a second time, so make the first (and only) time worth it.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped kernels 



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