West Side Story

First things first, I’m elated that so many musicals have made it on this list! Recently, the musical movies these days have just been film versions of Broadway shows, and not that that’s a bad thing, but original music and original scripts seem to be a lost art (except for La La Land that just came out, but that’s for another time). 

I absolutely LOVE the music in this movie and, being a musician, Bernstien’s West Side Story is a staple in our repertoire list. So by all means listen to this soundtrack if anything! 

Now to address the film itself. For sure the best part of this movie was NOT the main plot aka the lovers. In case you didn’t know, this musical is based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and if anyone took sophomore English you’d know that the two main characters are wildly obnoxious. Pretty sure everyone would agree with me when I say Mercutio and Tibult were the best part of the play. Likewise, the Sharks and the Jets are most definitely the best part of this movie. The dancing is phenomenal, the singing is great, and the outfits are FIRE. Case in point:

However, if I could change ONE thing in this movie, (spoiler alert) it would be to kill Tony like an hour and a half earlier! With that said, let me remind you that the soundtrack is To Die and the dancing is worth the torture that is Tony. 

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns 

Musically Yours,


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