Rear Window

Oh Hitchcock! What would we do without your disturbing, twisted, nightmare-prone movies?! Now, you should remember that Vertigo was the most mind-tripping movie I’ve ever seen and to this day bell towers creep me out! Rear Window on the other hand, makes you want to never ever spy on your neighbors…which I guess might be a good life lesson for some of us. 

In a nutshell, James Stewart is stuck in his room for a while because he broke his leg and is in a wheelchair. He spends all day watching his neighbors in the apartments across the street. His girlfriend or whatever, Grace Kelly, hangs out with him but is frustrated that he’d rather stalk people than pay attention to her. Classic. Then James sees one of his neighbors kill his wife and stuff her in a suitcase or something. It gets uncomfortably suspenseful and ends with James breaking both legs cause he falls out a window (name of movie) but the killer gets caught, so….yay James.

On a side note- It took me 2 days to watch this movie because I kept thinking I was watching the same scene over and over again. I’m curious what the editing was like:

“Ok go to James. Now to the apartments. Back to James. Back to apartments. Zoom in on James now. Quickly, back to the apartments. Great, now James. Woo, great job guys, that’s a wrap!”

All in all, I enjoyed the suspense this movie created, and the plot was at least original and interesting, but man, I could have used a different scenary every once in a while. It felt like Groundhog Day but I couldn’t learn to play the piano or memorize French poems. 

Some advice: don’t watch if you’re feeling tired or if you have a fear of falling. 

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns 



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