Annie Hall

Diane Keaton really bothers me. I don’t know what it is, but in every movie I have ever seen her in, young or old, she bothers me. HOWEVER, in this movie, her character is SUPER bothersome, and by some miracle, it makes this movie (and Diane Keaton) priceless.

SPOILER ALERT: there is something oddly satisfying when annoying people end up lonely. It’s like a little voice inside of you is saying “see, I knew it. If I try to be like her, I’ll be single. Thank goodness I’m me”. It’s comforting.
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That’s what Annie Hall (aka Diane Keaton) does to you. She is so obnoxious and vexing that you are happy and content when Diane and Woody end up going their separate ways. But let me tell what makes this movie perfect: literally everything that comes out of Woody Allen’s mouth. He is racist, witty, and misogynistic, which really shouldn’t be the foundation to a main character, but for some reason, when it’s a small ginger man, every comment is simply hilarious!

I do NOT recommend watching this with your fresh new date, cause it’ll definitely make you believe your relationship is doomed, which then again it might be, so I take that back, go ahead and watch it. However, if you want to laugh and enjoy other people being single (shout out to my bachelor/bachelorette watchers)- this movie is for you!

Popcorn rating: 4 popped corns with a side of Latkas


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