Citizen Kane (listed #1)

I 100% believe that the reason most people hate black & white movies is because THIS is the one they watch first. What is AFI trying to do to this country? You’re telling me that if someone never watched a movie before, you would tell them – watch Casablanca, Godfather, and Singin’ in the Rain, but before that……the number one movie you most definitely need to watch first is “Citizen Kane”! Go home. Thanks for playing. Nobody likes you.

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I’m sure that when this movie came out – the year that watching paint dry got exciting – there must have been something in the dreary plot and uncomfortable acting that the general audience found entertaining. However, this list was just “updated” in 2007 and it’s still getting the Gold?!

The only things you need to know about this movie are:

-It’s long and uneventful

-Most of the movie is spent trying to get the camera guy to focus

-Orson Welles peaked in elementary school

-Figuring out what “Rosebud” meant was not worth 3 hours of torture

Buy, Rent, or Watch literally any other movie instead of this one. AFI, time for another “update”.

Popcorn Rating: 1 kernel stuck to the bottom of the bag

Yours Truly,



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