The Philadelphia Story

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!?!? AFI actually categorized a movie correctly! Shut the front door.

I am, for once, in full agreement that this movie is a Top 100 movies of all time. I would even be so bold as to say Top 10. Now I know black and white scares some of you – and it’s probably because you’re uncultured and close-minded. But that’s ok, you still have time – pop some salty corn, spread out on the couch, and get ready to watch one of the best Romantic Comedies out there.

Before you get started, here are “Things you need to appreciate while watching this movie”:

1) Cary Grant

2) Jimmy Stewart

3) Katherine Hepburn’s waist.

4) The incredibly fast pace at which they talk

5) Cary Grant

Ok – you have been fully prepped and are ready to go. I highly recommend this movie specifically for recently engaged people that are so over the engagement process that they have considered eloping. This will be EXACTLY what you need to go through with it. Just don’t tell your mom I said so.

Popcorn Rating: 5 popped corns!

You’re Welcome,


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