Frankenstein (1931)

*End credits roll* [SPOILER ALERT]


Are you serious?

That’s the end.

Is there an alternate ending in the bonus features?


What is this?!

I Can’t Even.

I mean, I guess I’m glad he’s dead. Though, let’s be honest, the professor should have killed him. What kind of main character is unconscious for half the movie? And what kind of sick storyline has a little girl getting drowned in it? At least come full circle and drown Frankenstein or something? Instead it’s like a bad ending to Beauty and the Beast – the angry mob of villagers gets to kill the monster. When has the angry mob EVER won? This movie has obviously not seen other movies. I can’t believe this is called a “Classic” – that’s like saying Tillamook is a Gourmet Cheese. Pah-lease. This movie actually started off interesting, but it was like driving through a creepy forest and hoping the pretty meadow was around the corner – and instead it’s a ditch and you fall in and die. Cool. Thanks for basically being the worst possible scenario.

Popcorn Rating: 1 kernel that tried to pop but died

Take it from me. Do not. Under any circumstance. Watch this movie.




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