From Here to Eternity

This might actually be the most disappointing movie I’ve ever seen.

First, let me define “disappointing” in my terms: “disappointing – the feeling of watching a movie that you have been looking forward to for months, hearing it referenced on multiple tv shows, and having an extremely passionate and famous cover photo, and then watching it and realizing it had the worst plot, horrible acting, and one of the dumbest endings you’ve ever seen.”

Let me list you the Pros and Cons of this movie and you can do the math.


-Main character has a nice body

-Frank Sinatra is in it

-Takes place in Hawaii


-Plot is a cross between “Anapolis” and “Pearl Harbor” but much much worse

-Frank Sinatra doesn’t sing

-Infamous “beach scene” lasts 4 seconds and the raciest thing that happens is a little tongue action

-Main Character is stupid

-Second Main Character is stupid

-Frank Sinatra’s Character is incredibly stupid

-Ending is stupid

There you have it. Put this list on a scale and see which one out-weighs the other. That is a completely accurate, no BS Pro-Con list that should be taken very seriously.

Hope this helps you make better decisions somehow. AFI – again, please sack whoever put this movie on this list.

Popcorn Rating: 1 popped corn



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