Alright, I’ll be honest. I have a soft spot for Westerns. This movie probably won’t leave you wanting more, but for some reason I really enjoyed watching this movie. I felt like time stood still while watching “Shane” and it was kind of fun to flirt with the idea of life moving THAT slowly. Obviously, I would die if my life felt that small, but for an hour and a half it was quite nice.

Basically, if you ever get into that mode where you feel like your house is on your fire, and your car is on fire, and you’re on fire – this a great movie to pop in and remember that 100 years ago in random parts of Montana, people actually cared about fields, vegetation, and family etc… Oh and it’s also fun to think back on a time when getting into a fist fight didn’t always mean that you had too much to drink in a bar on a Tuesday. Fist fights were REAL. If some guy threatened to take your land and horses in front of all your friends – you had NO choice other than to meet him at a saloon and punch him in the face. Life was so simple back then.

However, what really makes this movie great is the kid! The main character (Shane) lived with this family who had a son, like 8 years old, and I swear this child just had one line the ENTIRE movie. He said “Shane” about 3,000 times and each time was just told to yell it louder than the one before. I think I might name my son Shane just so I can yell his name like that kid. I mean that’s obviously why parents these days name their kids Stella – you gotta find a good reason to yell that name every once in a while, so it might as well be your daughter.

Main point – when life gives you lemons, throw them away, watch this movie, then remember you had lemons and figure it out.

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns

Take Care


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