The Wizard of Oz

So most people watch “The Wizard of Oz” when they are 6, realize it is WAY too long and not worth their time and never watch it again. That was my story until I decided to suck it up and re-watch it two weeks ago. BIG MISTAKE!!!!

First, let me say some nice things before I get started here:

1) Judy Garland is amazing. If I sang like her when I was 16, HELLO AMERICAN IDOL!!

2) The concept of Muchkin land is fantastic. Same with Emerald city. Actual execution of these lands – poor at best. (Ok I know the second part wasn’t nice, but the first sentence was….kinda)

Last) Props to Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion for wearing those RIDICULOUS outfits and pretending to have a good time.

Now, can we please go right through the bush and drop the niceties. A 16 year old girl gets her puppy taken away because it ran through an old hag’s garden and now she wants to run away and never go home again. Couple thoughts.

First – get a leash and then all your problems would be solved. Second – old women need more hobbies. Will Toto really ruin your life? Why are you giving that puppy so much power? Why don’t you just get a bigger watch dog? I’m just saying – you have options. Third – A tornado lifts up Dorothy’s house, drops on the ground without killing Dorothy, and her house and her house alone are the only things that land in Oz?? What happened to all the other crap in the tornado? Where did that land? Are you telling me that the cow, the windmill, and the random wagons all just mysteriously disappeared, but the house survived and naturally landed unscathed in Oz? I NEED ANSWERS.

Lastly – I don’t even want to get into the plot and/or songs of this musical. A) The plot is ridiculous B) The songs are a bore and C) The wizard is just a man behind a curtain…..who didn’t see that coming? When the wizard won’t see anyone, no one has met the wizard, and the wizard wants a witches broomstick (most likely for power) how could you not see that this is just a man in disguise? What “wizard” would want evil power from a broomstick? SO MANY PLOT HOLES!!

Final thoughts – “Over the Rainbow” is overrated and doesn’t make any sense. Having a brain, a heart, and courage is a good idea. Don’t trust anyone that calls himself a wizard unless it’s Gandalf.

Popcorn Rating: 1 popped corn

There’s no place like home,


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