The French Connection

I apologize for being so sporadic in my posts recently. Now that the school year has started, I haven’t been able to regularly sit down and hash out my opinions on these movies. However, I am hoping to get organized so I may continue to educate you on these films that need to get a reality check.

“The French Connection” is yet another movie starring Gene Hackman. Luckily, unlike “Unforgiven”, Gene is not attempting to be a cowboy but instead is trying to be a badass. An equally difficult role for him to play well, but better than a Sheriff, I assure you. Now there are a couple things with this movie that make me want to pluck my eyeballs out:,0,214,317_AL_.jpg

1) Why does EVERY Italian mafia person look EXACTLY alike? This is NOT a Russian Novel. You don’t have to make this a game of “find the right character”. DISLIKE.

2) THIS MOVIE HAS NO ENDING!!!! (SPOILER ALERT) The bad guys DON’T get caught! What? This is a HORRIBLE idea. It’s like having the Lion King end with Scar taking over Pride Rock with the Hyenas and then the credits roll. Where the hell is Simba? Where is the fight? Why do the bad guys win? This is a stupid movie.

3) This movie was also based on a true story. AKA this movie was based on a ridiculous true story that has NO ending. WHY would you do this? I don’t understand. Also – AFI – Uh……why is this in your top 100?? I’m angry that this was even made into a movie – but to make TOP 100 GREATEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME……??!! Someone needs to get fired.

Popcorn Rating: 1 Kernel

Conclusion: Watch the Lion King and stop it right before Simba kills Scar and call it a day. Congrats – you just watched “The French Connection”.

Truthfully Yours



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