Schindler’s List

If “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Rocky”, “The Philadelphia Story”, and “Lord of the Rings” combined all their epicness and emotional climaxes into one movie……you would get “Schindler’s List”.

For all you men that brag that the last movie you cried in was “The Lion King” when you were 6…….you will have to change your statement once you watch this movie. YOU WILL SOB. And ladies – this is a non-mascara wearing kind of movie. Get into your pajamas. Wear sweatpants that make you look like you just gained 30 pounds overnight. AND buy whatever comfort food you like in BULK.

This is a World War II movie for those of you that know nothing about history. Liam Neeson AND Ralph Fiennes are in this movie aka Guy-whose-daughter-always-gets-Taken and Voldemort star in this film. I don’t want to spoil anything so just make popcorn, buy some kleenex, and get educated on the best film known to mankind.

Popcorn Rating: 5 popped corns.

Truthfully Yours,


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