The Grapes of Wrath


So many people complain that the movie is never as good as the book. Now I haven’t read “The Grapes of Wrath” by Steinbeck because Hello, have you tried holding it? Exactly, it won’t fit in one hand. You need two hands and thumb extensions to carry it. No thank you. However, let me tell you this – the movie is SO HORRIBLE that there’s no way the book could be worse. Do yourself a favor and – I can’t believe I’m saying this – READ the book first.

Now, I would not be writing a blog on movies if I enjoyed reading. Instead, I would probably be writing reviews on Barnes & Noble or whatever else “reading” people do. So obviously I am not a book-y. HOWEVER, I am praying that “The Grapes of Wrath” is such a horrid book that you wouldn’t even consider watching the movie – because you would know that the movie would be worse than the book and that rock-bottom concept is just inconceivable.

Three things you need to know:

1) Henry Fonda is attractive so don’t let the DVD cover fool you into thinking he will sweep you off your feet in this movie. He. Will. Not.

2) If you buy this movie or pay any sort of money to watch it – you are a fool.

3) If you watch this movie and like it, you probably don’t have friends. Cats are not the answer. It’s not too late to turn your life around. Don’t give up!

If you have to watch this movie in English class please do one of the following:

-Call in sick

-Fail English Class

-Buy one of these    (Ostrich Pillow) and fall asleep

-Drop out of school

Your Guardian Angel,


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