New Addition: Popcorn Ratings

I am adding a rating aspect to my reviews. I figure if IMDB can do it – I can do it. It will be very simple and straight forward. Instead of stars I will be giving movies a rating between 1 kernel being the lowest and 5 popped corns being the highest. It takes two kernels to make a popped corn in this system. Some examples of ratings:

Gone With the Wind = 4 popped corns
Taxi Driver = 1 popped corn and 1 kernel
A Streetcar Named Desire = 1 popped corn
Pulp Fiction = 1 kernel

I will also be recommending some eating options for certain movies. My recommendations are simply observations I have made during and post-movie watching events. Some movies call for tea, others beer. Most call for popcorn and a lot for m&ms. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. I’ll teach you my ways young grasshopper.

You’re Welcome,

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