A Streetcar Named Desire


So the reason this “phrase” (word) is repeated so much is because it’s the ONLY good part of this movie. I thought Katherine Hepburn was annoying in Bringing Up Baby (I’ll get to that movie later) but lo and behold – Vivien Leigh is so much worse. Just think of your most annoying friend, add 40 years to his/her life, a bad hair do, and a Minnie mouse voice and you’ve got Vivien.

Now I’m not stupid – I know Vivien’s character was supposed to be annoying, but for what? At least Katherine Hepburn was annoying enough to get herself a man! What does Vivien get? A mental institution. Cool, Viv, maybe you and Jack Nicholson can figure out a new way to make a better movie.

So let’s back up a bit. Here’s why Vivien Leigh’s character starts and ends as a crazy person. Blanche (Vivien Leigh) is the sister of Stella, and Stella (actress’ name is unimportant) is married to Stanley (Marlon Brando). Now Blanche used to live on her family’s estate however everyone died and Blanche lost the property. Bummer. So she moves to live with her sister, Stella, and her husband (Marlon).


Smart Blanche decides to judge Stanley within 2 minutes of meeting him, thus starting a 6-month long abusive relationship between her, Stella, and Stanley. Like a bad Shakespeare play. Unfortunately for Blanche, almost every time there is an argument Stella sides with Stanley. Stella knows Blanche’s mental health is a bit – let’s say – unstable. Though if you asked Marlon Brando he’d probably say she was one stop short of John Nash.

SPOILER ALERT. Stanley calls a Mental Institution to come to the house so they can come pick up Blanche (man were things easier back then). Stella has a baby and realizes how abusive Stanley really is and starts having second thoughts. And Blanche flirts with a gross creeper and he falls in love with her.

In the last 10 minutes Stanley “rapes” Blanche and that pushes her over the edge into crazy town and she gets sent away. Now “rapes” is not in quotes to diminish the act– I am merely confused as to whether it actually happens. I read 3 different synopses and they all put “rape” as the unseen action in the movie. But the scene LITERALLY cuts from Marlon grabbing Blanche and throwing her on the floor then….. NEW SCENE!!!! How is this supposed to automatically mean RAPE! Now I understand that in older movies when there’s a sleep over we all know what happened…..but tossing someone on the floor = rape? In what world? Either be a LOT more specific or give Marlon the benefit of the doubt. People need to calm down.

Last Scene:

Stella leaves Stanley and takes the baby – FINALLY STELLA!! How many times does a man need to yell your name in the streets for you to figure out he has anger issues? Blanche is gone and no one seems to care. Creeper man is lonely but who really didn’t see that coming? Suffice to say – show this movie to your friend if you hate them.


Truth hurts,


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