Bonnie & Clyde

This is quite the Renaissance movie. Bonnie & Clyde has love, jail, murder, some jokes, and lots of guns. What more could you want? Now not only have I watched this 1967 movie that is on the AFI Top 100 Greatest Movies of All Time list, but I have also seen the recent 2013 Bonnie & Clyde – the mini-series. Yes the mini-series is like 3 times longer and requires at least 5 bowls of popcorn, but it is MUCH more informative.

Bonnie & Clyde –the movie- is similar to the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice: the love is intensified, the looks have been upgraded, and you don’t really feel attached to the characters. Therefore when they (SPOILER ALERT) die, you don’t actually care too much. If anything – in the movie version – you kind of wish Bonnie had died in the car when it catches on fire because she just gets more annoying as the movie goes on.

I also feel like this question needs to get asked “WHY is Bonnie RANDOMLY NAKED in the first scene? “I wish there was an awkward nip-slip in this movie” said NOBODY EVER. Bonnie get over yourself and put a shirt on.

I almost wish the mini-series didn’t exist because then maybe the movie would actually be seen as something interesting. I am aware that mini-series are supposed to be more educational and have more details in them, which usually means it will be a better production. However, it is what it is. So AFI, get with the program and either take Bonnie & Clyde OFF the list or replace it with the mini-series.

I am also just flat-out embarrassed that Gene Wilder made it onto the AFI top 100 list. Isn’t there like a blacklist out there? Gene Wilder is to actors like Dave Koz is to musicians.
Popcorn Rating: 2 popped corns, 1 kernel,0,214,317_AL_.jpg
You will be entertained watching this movie, however you will also want to join the shooting squad at the end of it. Make sure you have M&Ms with the popcorn this time.



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