Incredibles 2

Yea, yea this movie came out last summer but it just came on to Netflix so it’s still SUPER relevant. I have a handful of thoughts on this sequel, but to sum it up in one sentence: It’s better than Mulan 2, Pocahontas 2, and Finding Dory, but it’s still not better than Lion King 2, The Two Towers, or Camp Rock 2. And yes I’ll go to the mat on that.

My other thoughts on Incredibles 2:

1) Violet’s voice is honestly super annoying. I know it’s hard to voice an angsty emotional teenage superhero girl, but if we could just take the nasal-y-ness a couple notches down, it’d be much appreciated!

2) I’m kind of super confused as to where all the other superheroes came from. I get that adding more heroes makes the movie more “diverse” but once you open that Pandora’s box, there’s so many clarifications that I need: are these heroes from other parts of America or the world? They had foreign accents so I’d guess they’re from all over the world, but if that’s the case how are there only like 8 more? There’s 197 countries in the world and there’s only one “Incredible” family and 8 extra heroes (one of which is an old man who’s bowel movements turning into lava = a super power?)? Also, why not just steal ALL the X-men powers? If you’re gonna have a metal-mind-crusher-guy, you better have Wolverine thrown in there too. It’s only fair.

3) Jack Jack is the best part of this movie and the sequel should have just been about him.

4) I liked the hypnosis aspect because it was kinda creepy and unique. HOWEVER, you’d think that a computer genius who can hypnotize people would have come up with a more permanent way of controlling them than SUNGLASSES. They were so easy to take off that the heroes should honestly have been insulted. Sunglasses? Really? Couldn’t even do strap on goggles? Or a helmet? I have 5 more ideas that are better than sunglasses and I’m not even that invested in this.

5) Frozone worked the hardest by far. Currently waiting for that movie.

6) I love that taking care of 3 kids was significantly harder than being a superhero. It is. And that was for sure the moral of this movie.

7) Red is out, Black is in. If you don’t believe me, watch “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse”

Popcorn Rating: 3 popped corns

If you have Netflix and find yourself babysitting 5-12 year olds then you’re in luck cuz this movie will pass the time well and it’s pretty entertaining. Does it blow my mind in the superhero movie category? No. Is it one of the best sequels I’ve seen? Also no. But would I watch this on a Saturday during the day even though it’s sunny outside? Yes. And I did. Do what you will with that.



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