The Big Sick

Do you remember in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when the Greek girl brings the white guy home to her family and it’s super overwhelming but really funny and all her siblings are messing with him and there’s a lamb cooking on the front lawn and everyone in the family is called Anita, Diane and Nick? Well, this movie is literally nothing like that. Sure this movie is about an interracial couple, but the comparison stops there. “The Big Sick” is about a Pakistani man who falls in love with a white girl while she’s in a coma. There’s obviously more to it than that, but I know you’re already hooked, so please read on.

Instead of giving you a play by play of the movie (because I think y’all seriously need to see it), I’ve compiled a list on why “The Big Sick” is a must-see chick-flick(ish) movie:

1) The main actor, Kumail Nanjiani, plays HIMSELF in HIS own love story of HIS life. Isn’t that the dream? How many times have you been to a party and people are like “who would play you in the movie of yourself?” And everyone’s go-to answer is always “Rachel McAdams” or “Angelina Jolie” because they’re secretly thinking that by saying one of those two women they’ll end up with Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt as our love interest. So crazy, right?(Also, if no one has asked you that question, don’t worry, you’re not a loser- I’ve just been to a lot of parties. Also, I’m actually the one asking those questions at the parties I go to. Also, by “parties” I mean that I have my one friend over and that’s usually the question I ask her.)

2) The relationship Emily, the white girl, has with her parents vs the relationship Kumail has with his parents is spot-on REAL LIFE. Aka girl tells parents everything vs boy tells parents nothing.

3) Kumail is a stand up comedian in this movie, so he is awkward and it’s wonderful.

4) Ray Romano is in this movie.

5) The woman who plays the white girl’s mom in this movie reminds me of Leslie Mann and I LOVE Leslie Mann.

6) The whole story plot is a very real plot. As in nothing really actually works out the way you want it too. However this story does have a happy ending so it gives you that Rom-Com feeling you know and love but without the totally annoying super predictable factor that tends to come with all the Rom-Coms these days!

Popcorn Rating: 4 popped corns

Definitely a great use of your time! Very cute and funny and unpredictable. However, not a great movie if you’re an interracial couple hoping that this movie will give you lots of communication strategies. It won’t.

Truthfully Yours,



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