I’m sorry, but did anyone actually get this movie? Like what was the point of this film? I guess there could be something “cool” about creating a new kind of “alien” movie, but uh, not sure AT ALL what made this “alien” movie “cool” #airquotes. 

Here’s what Arrival “taught” me: 

1) Aliens could be seven legged octopi 

2) Aliens could speak in grumblings and use circular pictures to write words

3) If and when aliens come, china will be the first to attack them. 

4) Being a Linguistic professor apparently means you can speak to aliens using said circular picture writing language 

5) Not wearing a protective outfit and helmet is a good idea when in a new space-altering environment, even though NASA says otherwise

6) Seeing the future is apparently a “gift”. Though everything about this movie really made it seem like a curse. 

7) Jeremy Renner makes a terrible nerd. Who is he trying to fool? We know Hawkeye’s really underneath those cargo pants. You ain’t pullin a fast one over me, Jer.

Ultimately this movie’s plot was super sad and confusing. If it ended happily then maybe, just maybe, all the other super crazy things would be worth making sense over, but this movie was straight up depressing. No me gusta. 

Popcorn Rating: 1 popped corn and 1 kernel for Hawkeye



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