On the Waterfront 

Ugh another mafia movie!! How many of these are on this freaking list! I haven’t even reviewed the two Godfathers yet and I’m already up to my ears in mafia movies! 

I get that this one is a bit different and I like to put it in my “underdog” mafia movie category. So it’s basically the mafia equivalent to Remember the Titans if mafia gangs were like football teams and one person was trying to be better than the rest of them but no one thought they could make it through alive. So…..basically NOT at all like Remember the Titans but whatever. Marlon Brando, per usual, plays a great Italian guy that tries to be a “good” bad boy. It all gets violent and then there’s a moral at the end. What’s the moral you may ask? It’s not important and inapplicable to real life. 

Also, there’s a scene with a TON of pigeons. 

Popcorn Rating: 2 popped corns and a kernel for Marlon’s beautiful face 



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